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Book Review: Holy Island - A Visitor's Guide

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You’re spoilt for choice if you’re looking for a book on Holy Island. A quick trawl of the internet brings up books on its history, religious significance and wildlife. However, there doesn’t seem to be a catch-all book - one that binds everything together.

Until now. Holy Island - A Visitors Guide is an attractive 72-page guide to the Island that has been written by local author, Ian Kerr. For anyone planning a visit - or with an interest in the island - this book will be an invaluable guide to appreciating the unique landscape and this special place. Ian’s easy-to-read style describes the wide range of places of interest and aims to give information about them. He starts with a detailed look around the village before heading towards the quieter side of the island to describe its flora and fauna.

This engaging book provides a thorough look at the Island. It is well illustrated too - as well as impressive photographs, there is a map of the island on the inside front and back cover, which has been beautifully drawn by Northumbrian artist, Sarah Farooqi. The atmospheric photograph on the front cover was taken by Emma Rothera, a professional photographer and resident of Holy Island.

This book is full of interesting facts - it’s the kind of book that makes you say “I never knew that!” as you read it. It’s also got some fascinating snippets - the sort of information you squirrel away in your brain to impress people in a random pub quiz.

Ian Kerr is a font of knowledge on all things Holy Island. He has written several other books including ‘Birds of Holy Island and Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve’. He also has a regular column in “The Northumbrian” magazine.

The guide was produced as part of the Peregrini Lindisfarne Landscape Partnership Scheme, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. It is a partnership of community, voluntary and public organisations that aims to provide a wide range of conservation and public engagement projects on the island and adjacent mainland. This involves local people working to protect, restore and enhance landscapes and assist with economic regeneration.

The guide costs £7.95 and can be purchased online

ISBN Number: 978-1-873402-40-5

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