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Horse Riding

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Horse Riding Alnmouth Photo: Gavin Duthie

Riding a horse along one of our beaches is a truly exhilarating experience and whether you bring your own horse or ride out with one of the local riding centres you are sure to have a great time if you follow our advice.

Best Beaches

If you are bringing your own horse to the coast, some beaches are better suited than others. We have listed below which beaches we think are the best for horse riding. These beaches have car parks capable of accommodating large horse boxes and trailers, are wide and sandy, are relatively quiet and have good access for your horse.

  • Beadnell Bay North (from Beadnell Harbour Car Park - park in overflow area only) - Seasonal Restriction May-August
  • Beadnell Bay South (Newton Link House Car Park) - Seasonal Restriction May-August
  • Alnmouth (Boathouses Car Park)
  • Warkworth/Buston Links (Warkworth Picnic Site Car Park and follow route to beach for horses)

And just outside the National Landscape Druridge Bay Country Park has ample parking for large horseboxes and has an excellent beach for horse riding.


It is also possible to find routes along the network of quiet roads and bridleways that criss-cross the National Landscape. Please do not ride on public footpaths without the landowners’ permission.

Be safe and responsible

We have developed a code of conduct to help make sure that when you visit the beach you, your horse, other beach users and wildlife do not come to any harm.

  • Always park with consideration for others. Do not leave any droppings or straw on the car park.
  • Slow to a walk to pass other users of the beach or give them plenty of space.
  • Do not ride in the water if you cannot see the sandy bottom, especially if you are not familiar with the beach.
  • Be aware of dangerous holes in the sand and avoid wet looking sand as it may be quicksand.
  • Never ride your horse at full gallop.
  • Keep horses out of the bathing areas.
  • Never ride through flocks of wading birds.

Never ride through the dunes or saltmarshes except on a public bridleway; they are important both as a natural sea defense and home to many rare plants and animals.

Horses are only allowed at Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve by permit from the NNR office on 01289 381470.

In the summer months, Beadnell Bay hosts an internationally important seabird colony; please obey local signage and wardens.

Haven’t got your own horse?

The following riding centres can organise pony or horse trekking on the Northumberland coast:

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