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New Sightseeing Tour on the Arriva Coast & Castles Bus

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Arriva X18 at Bamburgh Castle Photo: Iain Robson

We’ve joined forced with Arriva North East to create a new Northumberland Coast and Castles sightseeing tour on their X18 bus.

This spectacular tour runs everyday between Amble, Alnwick and Berwick from Saturday 30th June until Sunday 4th November 2018. On one of the most scenic bus routes in the country, the X18 follows the Northumberland coast passing sandy beaches, six different castles, nature reserves and coastal villages. It’s sixty years since the coast was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a commentary is now provided on selected journeys highlighting the history and heritage of this beautiful landscape.  

The guided tour has been supported by a grant from our Sustainable Development Fund with additional funding from Northumberland County Council. 

As more people visit the Northumberland coast, the increasing numbers of car journeys is having a greater impact on the natural beauty of the landscape and on the lives of people who live here. Getting visitors to use their cars less and walk, cycle or use the bus to travel around the Northumberland coast is a priority for us. Providing a guided commentary will encourage more visitors to the area onto the bus and will help them to learn more about the heritage of the beautiful landscape through which they are passing.

Nick Knox, area managing director from Arriva North East told us that Arriva are delighted to be bringing this sightseeing tour to Northumberland. It is a great way to see these truly unique sights, the tour is ideal for all ages. The hop on hop off option gives you the flexibility to spend time in the areas that appeal to you most.

A leaflet about the sightseeing tour can be downloaded here and will be available soon from usual outlets.

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