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Visitor Access and Travel Management Strategy

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Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership are working with Martin Higgitt Associates to develop a Visitor Access and Travel Management Strategy.

This will set out a long-term approach to managing visitor travel and identify specific measures for enhancing visitor travel options and better managing visitor travel to and around the AONB. 

The broad objectives of the strategy are to:

  • protect the landscape of the AONB
  • reduce problems for communities created by visitor travel
  • improve visitor experience
  • make sure that as much visitor spend as possible is retained within host communities
  • support broader ambitions around sustainable tourism and reducing the carbon footprint of tourism
  • make it easier for visitors to access the area or to travel within the area by sustainable travel options (bus, walk, cycle), reducing the reliance on the car and opening up the area for visitors who do not have access to a car

At this stage, we are keen to hear people’s views about particular problems and issues relating to visitor travel in the AONB as well as aspirations for how you would like to see visitor travel managed in the future to achieve desired outcomes. 

Please let us know your thoughts by completing this short questionnaire

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