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The Northumberland Coast AONB provides a venue for all sorts of water-based recreation.  There are great spots for surfing and kite sports and managed zones for motorised activities.

One of the roles of the AONB Partnership is to recognise the demand for these activities and to work with others to provide for them whilst ensuring that the landscape and wildlife of the area is protected.

If you are undertaking any water sports remember that in an emergency you should dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

Kite Sport, surfing and windsurfing

Although the Northumberland coast is never very warm, it is often windy, making it an ideal place for kite sport and windsurfing.  Kite sports, especially kite surfing, is an increasingly popular activity on the coast and following our simple guidance is here to make sure that everyone can enjoy their visit to the coast.

  • Kite sport
  • Kite surfing
  • Power kiting
  • Land boarding and kite buggying
  • Windsurfing
  • Surfing

Kite Sport


The area around the Farne Islands has been recognised as one of the best dive sites in the UK, the combination of wrecks, 4,000 seals and unusual species make for stunning diving.

  • Launch sites
  • Code of conduct
  • Services for divers


Powered Craft

The use of personal powered craft is often considered to be at-odds with the designation of AONB so careful management of these activities is required.

  • Launching
  • Code of conduct

Powered Craft


Sea-kayaking is an increasingly popular activity on the Northumberland coast. We have provided some simple guidance to help ensure your kayaking trip is safe and doesn’t harm wildlife or damage habitats.



Coasteering is a relatively new activity on the Northumberland coast.  Coasteering usually involves a mixture of rock climbing, swimming, scrambling and jumping, all taking place a few metres above or below sea level.

  • Activity providers
  • Code of conduct


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