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From the frenetic seabird breeding colonies to the blaze of colourful wildflowers in summer spectacular flocks of waders and wildfowl and curious faces of grey seals in winter, there is plenty to see along the Northumberland coast at any time of the year.

This stunning film will whet your appetite for the wild places and wildlife that can be encountered in North Northumberland, both on the coast and in the Northumberland National Park


The Northumberland Coast is a bird-watchers paradise. Activity at the seabird colonies peaks in June and July. From August, passage migrants pass through on their way from northern breeding areas to their winter quarters and birds that come here for the winter begin to arrive.

• Seabird colonies
• Wintering waders and wildfowl
• Woodland and farmland birds
• Autumn migration
• Birdwatching guidebook


Watching Seals and other marine mammals

The Northumberland Coast is one of the most important areas in Europe for the Atlantic grey seal and they can be seen at any time of the year. Dolphins and even whales are increasingly seen off the Northumberland Coast.

• Watching seals
• Watching dolphins and whales

Seal and Cetaceans 

Wild Flowers

The dune systems, meadows and the grasslands found on whinstone outcrops on the Northumberland Coast are home to an amazing array of plant life.

• Where to find wildflowers
• Plant Life Guide Book

Wild flowers

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